What we do

Language Point offers a range of services for international education providers to facilitate and develop their provision in the following areas:

  • Continuous Professional Development projects for teachers

  • Assessment design

  • Curriculum design and management

  • Quality assurance procedures, teacher observation and feedback

  • Centre management support

  • Programme development for Higher Education Institutions


These services are bespoke and designed to meet the specific needs of the individual centre. After an initial in-depth needs analysis, they can be delivered either at a distance, via online group sessions, or face to face.

Our specialisation is training teachers to meet the needs of Chinese learners in a Western Educational context e.g. joint ventures, International Higher Education Institutions.


Testimonial - International Study Centres


"I recently approached Tom Garside of Language Point to help look over one of our existing English Language programmes which was in need of a revamp, in order to increase student motivation and progression. Tom carefully analysed the programme as a whole and made suggestions that have since been implemented. As a result, teachers on the programme are much happier and have embraced the changes with open arms. Students are more motivated than before and the programme is now lively and interesting, encouraging active participation. Tom collaborated with myself and other members of our team and did so with complete diplomacy, patience and professionalism. 


We also engaged Tom to deliver a workshop to our English language teaching team, with a focus on engaging our Chinese learners in the classroom and helping them to adapt to western style education, within an HE environment. Feedback from attendees was excellent with one member stating: ‘This is the best training we have had in years!’. As a result, Tom has since been asked to come back to offer a workshop to our Professional Service team and we will continue to invite him back, when needs arise and when he is available! Thank you, Tom for sharing your depth of knowledge and passion for education!"


Clare Watson, Head of English and Employability, International Study Centres, UK & Europe