Development for international institutions

English Language Education is becoming an integral part of any international institution's curriculum. From English for Academic Purposes to CLIL and language support for overseas students, the roles of English language and subject-specific content are more and more integrated.

Language Point offers consultancy services for university language centres, English-medium schools and international education organisations to improve the way that English language content is delivered across the wider institution. Through collaborative projects between language and subject departments, teachers, tutors and lecturers from different specialisms, we can help your institution to improve how content is delivered, meaning a higher level of outcome for your students.

Education Development Projects at institutional level include the following essential features:

  • Needs analysis to identify target areas for development

  • Close liaison with centre management and staff from the planning stage onwards

  • Interdepartmental communication to ensure wider collaboration between key departments in the wider institution

  • Clear project objectives and target outcomes

  • Online, onsite and blended modes of development activity

  • Follow-up contact with centre staff to ensure sustainability of development goals

Target outcomes of projects at institution level include:

  • Greater understanding of roles and responsibilities in participant educators

  • Higher achievement of departmental outcomes

  • Higher levels of student performance in key areas

  • Increased diversity in modes of delivery, student activity and educational strategies

  • Greater staff retention as a result of greater job satisfaction from centre staff

If your centre or department would like to find out more about what Language Point can do for you, contact us

to organise a free online consultation, and to discuss your institution's needs.

Curriculum support for your centre

A strong curriculum ensures that the teaching and learning at your centre has clear objectives and reliable materials for teachers to work from.

Language Point curriculum support projects provide a sustainable solution for schools that want to develop their courses in a cohesive way. Our trainers and resource developers have experience in a wide range of educational settings, assisting English departments, language schools and exam centres to develop planned courses to keep  students performing to their highest standards.


We offer materials design and resource management services to ensure that teachers have high-quality, reliable materials to work from.

Contact us to find out how we can help your centre to maintain a high standard of provision through tailor-made educational resources.

Resources for developing teachers

Designing and launching a successful, sustainable teacher development program takes time. Language Point produces tailor-made CPD programmes for schools based on participant teachers' specific needs in their setting. CPD projects add valuable skills to teachers' toolkits and enable your centre to deliver new types of content (for example ESOL exam preparation, online teaching, CLIL, English for Academic Purposes and University Preparation courses).

We create observation resources, teacher toolkits, resource templates and teaching resources to support teachers in what they do, ensuring a high level of performance for the benefit of all stakeholders in their students' success.

These resources can be combined with our CPD projects for teachers, providing further continuous support for their development. Contact us for a free consultation about Continuous Professional Development, or to organise a world-class CPD project at your centre.

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