Online Professional Development for language educators

Language Point Continuous Professional Development courses are designed to help you develop your knowledge and skills in your own time and according to your own needs. 

We know the value of putting what you learn into practice, so online content is supported by lesson planning, observation and feedback tutorials to help you to apply what you learn in your classroom teaching.

All course tutors are highly experienced teacher educators who hold post-graduate qualifications in TESOL.

All courses include:

  • Access to input videos, tasks and assignments through the Language Point online learning system

  • Activities and teaching ideas to use in the classroom.

  • 1-hour live tutorial with an individual course tutor

  • Online tutor feedback to all task responses

  • 30 minute Lesson planning tutorial with a course tutor

  • 1 lesson observation (optional - video recorded)

  • 30 minute post-lesson feedback tutorial

  • Follow-up tutorials by arrangement

  • Language Point certification showing study time, course modules completed and grading


CPD1: How to Teach Tenses​ (25 Guided Learning Hours)

This course explores the concepts, forms and functions behind every tense of English, and looks at how to present and practice these important structures with your students.

Course content:

  • Course introduction

  • Time, tense and aspect

  • timelines for presentation of tenses

  • teaching the present simple

  • teaching the past simple

  • teaching the present continuous

  • teaching the past continuous

  • teaching future forms

  • teaching the present perfect simple

  • teaching the past perfect simple

  • teaching the present perfect continuous

  • teaching the past perfect continuous

  • teaching mixed narrative tenses

Price: £250 (contact us for group and institution pricing)

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CPD2: Approaches and methods in communicative TESOL (30 Guided Learning Hours)

This course will take you through the processs of lesson planning, designing tasks and materials, and staging an effective language class, from presentation to student production.

Course content:

  • Course introduction

  • TESOL approaches and methods

  • Defining lesson aims and outcomes

  • Principles of lesson staging

  • Top-down and bottom-up approaches

  • Designing language practice tasks

  • Task-based planning and teaching

  • Principles of materials design

  • Contextualising language effectively

  • Presenting new language

  • Checking language concepts

  • Giving and checking task instructions

  • Monitoring and error correction

  • Taking effective post-task feedback

  • Confiring achievement of lesson aims

Price: £250 (contact us for group and institution pricing)

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HECPD1: Increasing academic performance in Chinese Learners

(Professional Development for HE educators)

10-30 Guided Learning Hours, blended, online or face-to-face modes of study

This bespoke course gives essential background to the Chinese educational paradigm, and identifies common areas of need in Chinese ​students at Engish-language HE institutions. This course includes reading and research tasks, suggested approaches to direct and continuous methodology with Chinese learners, applied methodology tasks and live tutorials with course tutors, and can include in-person sessions held at participants' place of work

Course content:


  • Course introduction

  • The Chinese educational paradigm

  • Shifting from product to process

  • The Chinese student experience

  • Setting expectations with Chinese learners

  • Affective factors for Chinese overseas students

  • Social and academic needs

  • Academic study skills

  • Time management

  • Increasing autonomy

  • Employing cultural contexts

  • Tasks to engage Chinese learners

  • Classroom discourse and participation

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