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Intensive Pronunciation Workshop
Workshop fee: £75

These workshops are for English Language students who want to improve their pronunciation quickly and effectively. They are delivered by trained and experienced teachers of English as a Second Language, who have a specialism in pronunciation teaching.

We use materials and resources specifically designed to focus on common pronunciation issues. We work with students to overcome specific pronunciation problems and develop confidence in spoken English.

The workshop is 3 hours long and includes focused work on the following:

Identifying problem sounds

Mouth and sound exercises

Focus on consonants

Focus on vowels

Word stress

Putting sounds together

Sentence rhythm 

Sentence stress

Topics are adapted to be delivered at two levels:


Elementary - Intermediate (CEFR A2 - B1)

Upper-intermediate - Proficiency (CEFR B2 - C2)

Workshop dates

Please note: all times are UK time (GMT)

April 9th 10.00am - 1.00pm

May 7th 2.00pm - 5.00pm

June 4th 10.00am - 1.00pm

July 2nd 2.00pm - 5.00pm

July 30th 10.00am - 1.00pm

August 27th 2.00pm - 5.00pm

September 24th 10.00am - 1.00pm

October 22nd 2.00pm - 5.00pm

November 19th 10.00am -1.00pm

Elementary - Intermediate

(CEFR A2 - B1)

Workshop fee: £75

April 23rd 2.00pm - 5.00pm

May 21st 10.00am - 1.00pm

June 18th 2.00pm - 5.00pm

July 16th 10.00am - 1.00pm

August 13th 2.00pm - 5.00pm

September 10th 10.00am - 1.00pm

October 8th 2.00pm - 5.00pm

November 5th 10.00am -1.00pm

December 3rd 2.00pm - 5.00pm

Upper-intermediate - Proficiency

(CEFR B2 - C2)

Workshop fee: £75

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