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The Trinity College London Level 6 Certificate for Practising Teachers (RQF)

(Online study mode)

Course details and requirements

Language Point is proud to be one of the first providers in the world to work with Trinity College London to deliver their new course for experienced teachers. The Certificate for Practising Teachers (CertPT) is designed for teachers working in any educational context, to help them to develop their skills with materials design and classroom delivery. Language Point courses leading to this new qualification are held entirely online, with input from our team of highly experienced and qualified international educators.

You can read an interview with one of our CertPT graduates here:


Who can take this course?


We recognise that the vast majority of English teachers in the world are not first-language English users, so the Language Point CertPT course is designed for teachers with an English language proficiency of CEFR B2 (IELTS 6) and above. Applicants must either:

1) have completed an initial certificate or qualification in education or TESOL and have at least 6 months of classroom or online teaching experience, or


2) have at least two years of classroom or online teaching experience with no initial teaching qualification.

What kind of qualification will I receive?


The Trinity CertPT qualification is externally-validated by Trinity College London, an internationally recognised qualifications provider, meaning that quality of delivery and accuracy of assessment is assured. The qualification appears at level 6 on the UK’s Ofqual list of regulated qualifications (RQF), making it equivalent in level to the final year of a bachelors degree. Thus, academic institutions may accept this qualification as course credit for other related qualifications.


What will I study on the course?


The CertPT course focuses on the skills needed to evaluate, adapt, create and deliver teaching resources to a specific group of learners that you teach. There are four Assessed Tasks to complete on the course, relating to each of these aspects of materials design: The evaluation of a published teaching resource, adaptation of a resource for your learners, creation of an original teaching resource, and delivery of that resource.


To prepare for these tasks, you will receive input focused on TESOL approaches and methods, lesson planning, classroom management, materials design, task design and effective classroom procedures. You will also receive at least one live online tutorial per course unit with your course tutor, and get the chance to try out the skills you are developing with your learners as you work your way through the course.


Finally, you will teach one lesson, using the resource you created, which may be observed by a course tutor, a colleague, or simply evaluated by the learners in the class, to demonstrate evidence of how effective your designed materials were.


What is the difference between the two Language Point CertPT courses?


The Language Point CertPT for language educators is designed for English language teachers working in any context worldwide, and includes input into current TESOL approaches and methods, materials and task design, effective classroom management and lesson procedures, as well as live tutorials focusing on the four Assessed Tasks for the CertPT course.


The Language Point CertPT course for online educators is designed for teachers who are working with students online in any educational context. This course will develop your awareness of different online educational resources, apps and LMSs, and online learning methodology (e-pedagogy). Course content is adaptable to meet the needs of teachers working on any LMS, and will provide you with effective teaching routines, materials design and delivery input, and the chance to try out new methodologies with the learners that you already teach.

How long does the course take?


The CertPT course includes approximately 100 study hours in total, divided into pre-course preparation work, online videos and tasks, and assessed task work. This study time is organised into 5 units of work, taken over 10 weeks. 


On average, the course entails around 8 hours per week over 10 weeks. In each unit of study, you will have a group tutorial of around 45 minutes to discuss course content and to help you to prepare for upcoming assessed tasks in the following week. In addition to this, you will have a 20-30 minute individual feedback tutorial to get feedback on each of the four assessed tasks that you submit for the course.


For institutional enrolment, where a minimum of 5 participants join the course from the same institution, the course length can be modified to fit participants’ schedules as appropriate.

Can I work and study at the same time?


Yes, this is a key point in the design of this course. It functions as in-service training, so you must be actively teaching a group of learners (either face-to-face or online) to enable you to complete the four Assessed Tasks for the course. The course is designed to supplement your current teaching without overloading you as you deliver your daily teaching load.


Will I have live contact with course tutors?


Yes, all participants will have at least one live tutorial (in groups and/or individually) per course unit, to provide feedback on any questions you may have, and to provide guidance on completion of the written Assessed Tasks.


In addition to live face-to-face online tutorials, you will also receive direct feedback on all tasks that you submit during the course from your course tutor, who will e-moderate all the work that you submit and provide continuous guidance during the course.

How do I apply?

When you apply for the CertPT course, you will be sent a pre-interview task, which will help you to prepare for the 45-minute interview with a course tutor. In the interview, you will discuss the course content and we will go through your responses to the pre-interview task, to assess your suitability for the course. There is also a short written task to complete during the interview.


After acceptance onto the course and full payment, you will be sent your login details on the first day of the course. You will be sent the CertPT Pre-course Pack, containing important information about the course, and some pre-course tasks to prepare you for the content you will cover in week 1 of the course.

Methods of payments accepted

Bank transfer and credit/debit card. 


After being accepted at interview to reserve your place on the course a £400 deposit is required with the remainder payable 2 weeks before the start of the course.

Applications received within one month of the course date starting must be paid in full to reserve a place on your requested dates.


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