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A fresh start for 2023 - There’s never been a better time to travel and teach!

Language Point Trinity CertTESOL. A fresh start for 2023 - There’s never been a better time to travel and teach!

After two years or more of uncertainty about the future, countries closing down and opening up, only to close down again, it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel for world travel with the last remaining countries with strict Covid restrictions loosening up.

As more countries open up and accept travellers from other countries, the opportunities for language teaching and travel are growing every day. The language education industry is returning to pre-pandemic levels with more and more International Summer School programmes starting again next year, and positions opening in different regions of the world, it looks like the English Language Teaching industry is back on track.

Added to this, the lack of travel possibilities over the pandemic has left a huge shortage of language educators worldwide. Even before 2019, the demand for language educators was growing at an unprecedented rate, and now schools, universities and private language centres are crying out for teachers, as they have been restricted to employing teachers who were already in-country in 2019-22.

Many of these teachers, after having been restricted to the country where they were in early 2020, are now keen to move on and change their situation, either by going home or finding a new destination.

So how can you make the most of these opportunities in 2023? The first step is to get an internationally recognised Certificate in TESOL. With the right qualification, the world can be your oyster, and you will have your choice of destination in 2023. Yes, airfares are high at the moment, but this will change as the market shifts, and many overseas teaching postings provide paid return airfare as part of their contracts.

So if you are looking for a change, or feeling like a fresh start after the last 3 years, joining the TESOL teaching industry could be a good way of making that happen, and getting paid for it at the same time.

Tom Garside is Director of Language Point Teacher Education. Language Point delivers the internationally recognised RQF level 5 Trinity CertTESOL in a totally online mode of study, and the RQF level 6 Trinity College Certificate for Practising Teachers, a contextually-informed teacher development qualification with specific courses which focus on online language education or online methodology.

If you are interested to know more about these qualifications, or you want take your teaching to a new level with our teacher education courses, contact us or see our course dates and fees for details.



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