• Charlotte Humphries

Graduate Stories - Charlotte

Course: Trinity CertTESOL

Trinity College CertTESOL online, Trinity CertPT

Areas of teaching I developed on the course are my confidence to work with adults as I have only worked with children before, techniques to use, how to structure the lesson and suitable topics.

Also, I’ve learned about the needs of learners at different levels, such as learners at B1 or B2, what they are likely to already know, and what they need to focus on.

I found Tom to be very supportive throughout the course. He was available to answer questions and he supported us to achieve passes in all aspects of the course, some of which were quite challenging. He helped us to meet deadlines at appropriate times because the course is quite intense.

I thought that the course was well organised and all information provided for us on our online platform was well presented and useful. We took part in many Zoom calls, both group and individual.

I did not feel I missed out on any aspects of this course because this was fully online. I felt that the course matched my expectations. It is quite intense for a part time course but it is achievable within the time frame of 12 weeks

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