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  • Dariya Petrova

Graduate Stories - Dariya

Course: Trinity Cert TESOL

I have been teaching English for four years, both offline and online. My mother tongue is Russian, so on the course, I didn't only improve my teaching skills, but also my English language knowledge. I refreshed my English grammar and morphology knowledge and learnt a lot about English pronunciation. Also, I learnt about TESOL approaches and methodologies.

Language Point Trinity CertTESOL

The course was really well organised. Firstly, we were taught the theory. Secondly, we observed other teachers' lessons and were taught a foreign language (Polish), being Beginner level students of it. Thirdly we applied all the knowledge and skills that were developed on the course into practice in the online classroom.

Through the course, we got all the support that we needed. We had week tutorials every Fridays and we could write to our tutors and get their help whenever we needed it. During the Teaching practice, the tutors helped us with planning lessons and gave us feedback after them.

I should say, that all the students for Teaching practice were found by LANGUAGE POINT TEACHER EDUCATION LTD, so we didn't have to find students. All of the students were from different countries, which means that they didn't speak either my language or each others' languages. It enabled them to use their English knowledge as much as possible because they had to do their best to understand others and to be understood. This course absolutely matched all my expectations.

All the techniques that I learnt, I am using with my students now. My lessons, as well as my teacher language have improved a lot. After the course, I feel much more confident and better prepared for lessons, because I know how to design them effectively and help my students to achieve their goals in English learning.

Tom Garside is Director of Language Point Teacher Education. Language Point delivers the internationally recognised RQF level 5 Trinity CertTESOL in a totally online mode of study, and the RQF level 6 Trinity College Certificate for Practising Teachers, a contextually-informed teacher development qualification with specific courses which focus on online language education or online methodology.

If you are interested to know more about these qualifications, or you want take your teaching to a new level with our teacher education courses, contact us or visit our CertTESOL FAQ and CertPT FAQ pages for details.



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