• Julia Vilcosqui

Graduate stories - Julia

Course: CertTESOL

I enjoyed the course tremendously. What stood out for me were the very kind and personable tutors we had on the course through which I learnt a lot. I am happy that I decided to do the course in 3 months, alongside a full-time job which was tough nevertheless, but achievable. The course became very intense towards month 2. The tutors were flexible which helped too.

Our group gelled together as to course went on and we were able to help each other along the way, so it was a real benefit that we had group meetings and projects to complete that helped us grow together. One never felt alone even though we were located in different parts of the world.

We had many different assignments to complete, which was a mix of practical and academical work, which I really enjoyed doing and I took a lot away from doing this course to use in my future practice as a teacher.

I am planning to do another qualification, Trinity CertPT, in the future, as I enjoyed the Trinity CertTESOL course so much with Language Point Training.