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Course: Trinity Cert TESOL

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My background is in law and psychology, and when I started the course I had no real experience of teaching, other than helping out in a classroom and homeschooling my own son for a year. To go from that to teaching mult-national groups of students online in a matter of weeks was incredible, but each step was structured and guided so I didn’t feel out of my depth.

The course provides the tools to learn what it takes to teach, from the learner profile task to understanding how and why you should produce materials tailored to your specific learner. This gives control over process, and a deeper understanding of how you can do the best for your students.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and from a psychology point of view am really interested in “how” learners learn. Going forward I’d like to investigate the area of learner profiles and creating teaching plans within an organisational setting. In a world where English is the most widely spoken commercial language, businesses must identify and apply relevant learning to ensure that staff are best able to do their jobs, and learner profiles provide for a more forensic approach to this learning.

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