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Graduate Stories: Yuliia, from Ukraine (studying from Ireland - May, 2023)

During my TESOL course, I had an amazing experience, and I take pride in my decision to embark on this journey and successfully complete it. I was not new to the teaching profession, nevertheless I gained valuable insights and refined my teaching methods with the guidance of highly skilled tutors. The course was meticulously organized and progressively engaging, particularly from the second month. Although self-study was essential, all the necessary materials were provided, and weekly tutorials offered opportunities to seek clarification and receive feedback from our experienced educators. I am sincerely grateful to the director, Tom, and our tutors, Christine and Krupa, for their unwavering attention, professionalism, and willingness to support us. This period in my life was truly enriching, and I genuinely hope that my TESOL qualification will contribute to enhancing my career.


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