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Travelling in the time of Covid - a first hand account

Travelling in the time of Covid - a first hand account

Leaving the UAE and returning to the UK in the time of Covid travel restrictions has caused many sleepless nights and frantic research over the past few months for most UK expats living in the Middle East.

The rules kept changing, and with little notice given each time, case numbers rising and falling dramatically, politicians all over the world blowing hot and cold, but I still managed to make all my travel plans.

Then, towards the end of June and with just over a week to go before my leaving date, they weren’t good any more. So, when the time came for me to take the plunge and make the move - even though I'm a seasoned traveller and spent many years working overseas - I was nervous.

I shouldn't have been.

All the information was checked, double checked and checked again. I sailed through Dubai airport.

My arrival in Geneva was a little stressful as people in front of me were being turned away but, once again, I had all my documents printed. I sailed through and got the much awaited stamp in my passport.

After 11 nights (carefully counted, checked again and again), with a fresh negative PCR test printed out, flight ticket printed, the UK locator form printed, the compulsory UK PCR tests paid for, I was ready for the last leg of my journey to the UK.

All my papers were again very carefully checked, and I am now isolating at home for ten days.

So, my advice: go for it! Print every document you have, do some research and be brave.

It’s really worth it!

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