How to teach English Tenses - Video 3 - Creating Effective Timelines


This course of 13 videos introduces the concepts, functions and structure of the tenses of English. Each tense is presented through a timeline which can be built and used in class to teach the precise meaning of each tense. We also look at common issues for learners and how to avoid them, and each video presents some tried and tested teaching ideas for use with your classes. These videos can be used as a development tool for teachers, as they contain reflection and research tasks to help you to reflect on how you teach this essential area of the English language.


In the Full Course you get: 13 instructional videos on all the tenses in English grammar, saving you time when you’re looking for content on one specific tense.

Please Note: This is an individual unit, Video 3 - Creating Effective Timelines


1. Teaching Tenses - course introduction

2. Understanding Time, Tense and Aspect

3. Creating Effective Timelines (this unit)

4. Present Simple Tense

5. Past Simple Tense

6. Present Continuous Tense

7. Past Continuous Tense

8. Teaching Future Forms

9. Present Perfect Simple Tense

10. Past Perfect Continuous Tense

11. Present Perfect Continuous Tense

12. Past Perfect Continuosu Tense

13. Teaching Narrative Tenses


The Complete English Grammar Tense Video Course Features:

  • 13 Videos covering everything you need to know to effectively teach English Grammar Tenses to ESL students
  • Learn the English grammar rules for tenses
  • How to draw English Tense timelines
  • Verb Tenses Worksheets
  • English Tense Exercises
  • English Grammar tense examples
  • Tried-and-tested classroom activities
  • Reflection tasks for teachers






How to Teach English Tenses - Video 3 - Creating Effective Timelines

SKU: Video 3 - Creating Effective Timelines
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