Teach English Pronunciation with Pronunciation Card Games

Help Your ESL Students Learn English Pronunciation with Pronunciation Card Games.



Pronunciation Card Games - A Phonology and Pronunciation resource for ESOL teachers and TESOL trainees

This comprehensive resource contains 10 engaging photocopiable activities designed for use with photocopiable phoneme cards. These cards add a physical element to teaching English pronunciation, and can be cut out of the book, or copied and made into sets as you need them. Gamify your pronunciation teaching with these adaptable pronunciation activities.


If you're struggling with how to teach English pronunciation to your ESL students or can't get them to learn the English pronunciation rules, then look no further than these English pronunciation activities. Make learning correct English pronunciation, fun.


English language pronunciation is generally divided into two main camps, American English pronunciation, and British English pronunciation. Obviously British is best, but either way, it's important for your students to improve their English pronunciation. This English pronunciation games book supports the learning of both British and American English pronunciation, so you've got your bases covered.


This book is perfect for using as full English pronunciation lessons or for word pronunciation games as a supplement in the classroom.



“An excellent resource for those starting out in English Language teaching and those looking to fill in any blanks in their learning. As a guide to help you on an initial teacher training course like the Trinity College CertTESOL, it is invaluable and will be an excellent source of support and ideas. A great buy!”

Ben Beaumont, TESOL Qualifications Manager, Trinity College London

Pronunciation Card Games includes:
A Phonology primer defining and giving examples of a wide range of the features of English pronunciation
10 starter activities to engage your learners
Activity instructions and variations for teachers
44 cut-out-and-use British English phoneme cards, printed on sturdy card
Expansion set of cards including stress and intonation marks, American English sounds and reduced sounds for higher-level teaching of connected speech
A full glossary of phonological terminology



This is the perfect resource for teaching pronunciation to ESL students

Teach English Pronunciation with Pronunciation Card Games