TESOL: A Gateway Guide for Language Teachers

An introductory guide to English language teaching methodology designed for new teachers and those taking part in initial teacher education courses. Key areas include classroom management, teaching grammar, vocabulary, receptive and productive language skills, and an introduction to phonology in the TESOL classroom. Text is accompanied by tasks and activities, and includes a glossary of TESOL terminology for reference.


This book introduces key approaches in the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). It gives English language teachers a comprehensive introduction to communicative language pedagogy and includes practical ideas for the classroom, with 40 tasks for teachers to develop their knowledge of TESOL theory and practice. Whether you are an experienced teacher or just starting out, this introductory guide will give you the foundation skills you need to improve your teaching in the core areas of TESOL.


“This is an excellent resource for those starting out in English Language teaching and those looking to fill in any blanks in their learning. As a guide to help you on an initial teacher training course like the Trinity College CertTESOL, it is invaluable and will be an excellent source of support and ideas. A great buy!”

Ben Beaumont, TESOL Qualifications Manager, Trinity College London

TESOL: A Gateway Guide for Language Teachers

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