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Here at Language Point we go by the motto of "quality, integrity, innovation". We aim to bring sustainable teacher training to the places which need them the most. We believe that geography should not be a barrier to education. Language Point works with registered charities, refugee and migrant organisations to ensure that the teaching and learning that happens on our online courses brings benefits to a wide range of people in different circumstances. 

English language education is a gateway to employment and better lives for people in any international situation, and this goal goes hand in hand with the work we do with teachers and aspiring educators all over the world.

We partner with ​charities, education institutions and professional development organisations to bring teacher education courses to those who would otherwise not have access to them. We do this by enrolling language learners from a diverse range of nationalities and socio-economic backgrounds, and providing scholarships to course participants who work in settings where finance for course fee payment can be difficult.

Our Team

Tom Garside

Tom Garside


Tom Garside founded Language Point Training to meet the growing need of language educators working in contexts with little access to training resources. His vision is to bring training and development activity to language teachers in their local context, as that is where they need it most. 

He started teaching English in 1998 while gaining a BA (Hons) in Linguistics and French, and has gone on to teach, manage and train teachers in the UK, China, New Zealand, Malta and Hong Kong. He has experience of designing, developing, delivering and managing Trinity College CertTESOL and DipTESOL programmes, Comenius teacher development projects and other CPD and bespoke teacher development events. He is also a moderator for both the Trinity CertTESOL and Trinity Cert PT.

He is a specialist in sustainability in teacher training and development, as well as consulting on Language Assessment Literacy and curriculum design with international providers and universities

Katy has been an English teacher for 26 years, teaching all language levels and ages in the UK, Ireland and Italy, teaching students from all over the world. She is a specialist in preparing students for Cambridge exams, from Young Learners up to Proficiency level and is also an oral examiner for Cambridge.

She first became a teacher trainer and then Course Director on the Trinity certTesol course in 2009 in Brighton, specialising in the areas of pronunciation and vocabulary, as well as guiding students on the Materials Assignment. As well as training on Trinity courses, she has also designed and delivered bespoke online training courses to Italian Elementary school teachers in using technology in the classroom.

Her ethos as a teacher and a trainer has always been to involve and engage learners and trainees and encourage them to be active participants in their language and skills acquisition.


In addition to teaching and training, Katy is also a Trinity ESOL Panel Member and Trinity Stars Expert. Katy is an enthusiastic, friendly and creative trainer, teacher and examiner, who believes language learning should be a stimulating and enjoyable experience.


When she is not working, her hobbies include reading crime fiction, cycling and Nordic walking, as well as having lots of fun with her two sons and two cats.

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Katy Fredriksson


Paul Ashe

Paul has been working in TESOL since 1997, completing his CELTA and later DELTA in London, England. He is a lifelong learner and has experience in different areas of the English Language Teaching sector including materials writing and copy-editing for several publishers, teacher training (online and F2F), educational consultancy and specialises in Business Management using his experience as Director & Director of Studies.


Paul is a qualified and experienced CELTA and DELTA tutor and has had the pleasure of teaching teachers and training academic managers all over the world. He is a Panel Member for the Trinity ESOL Exams and Trinity Stars Expert. 

Paul is currently based in Spain and when he gets the chance, he enjoys walking in the hills and looking after his rooftop vegetable garden and learning from his growing children. 

LucyJane Padgett has been teaching for just over 20 years in six different countries spread over three continents.  After an initial CELTA and DipTESOL, she studied for an MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL. In addition to teaching and leadership roles, she delivers professional development to non-native as well as native English teachers and external evaluation has regularly shown evidence of improved teaching in her trainees. Her areas of interest are grammar and pronunciation.

LucyJane has spoken at international conferences, has set up extensive reading programmes in countries where reading is often not considered culturally appropriate and, as part of her drive to help learners enjoy the English language, she has organised and led trips to England, a once in a lifetime experience for many of her students. LucyJane believes it is important to never forget what it feels like to stand in a learner’s shoes when it comes to language learning and for this reason, she is currently studying her sixth language. 


LucyJane Padgett


Krupa Raguram

Krupa has been in the English Language Teaching field for over 16 years. She has extensive experience of teaching courses such as General English, Business Communication Skills, Spoken English, IELTS Exam Preparation, Young Learner courses and Summer School workshops. After an initial PRESETT at the British Council, she went on to study CELTYL and DELTA.


In addition to teaching and leadership roles, she has focused on developing her niche area of expertise which is ‘teacher training and development’. She has presented at international and local ELT conferences, written blogs on ELT and published articles in Teacher Education magazines. 

She would like to make upskilling and capacity building accessible to teachers from second tier and third tier towns. She is volunteering with an NGO that runs schools and is helping them build teacher competence. Krupa firmly believes that empowering teachers is one of the most important aspects to enhanced academic quality in classrooms.

Dan Kirk has been working in the English teaching field since 2006 when he gave up a career in print journalism and moved to Bratislava, Slovakia. Since then he has lived and worked in Ukraine, Borneo, Bahrain, Austria, Turkey, Algeria, and now Sri Lanka. He has an MA in Professional Development for Language Education and is a self-confessed TEFL nerd.  


Dan has recently expanded his horizons by opening his own training company in Sri Lanka, which allows him to share his expertise within the Sri Lankan state education sector while continuing to work as a tutor on CertTESOL, CELTA, CertPT, TYLEC, and DELTA courses. He has spoken at International Conferences and written articles for teacher education magazines on the subject of learner and teacher autonomy.

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Dan Kirk


Louise Kirk


Louise began her career in teaching English back in 2007 when she completed her CELTA in Cambridge, UK. She then moved to Ukraine to be an English teacher, followed by various EFL roles in Borneo, Bahrain, Austria, Turkey, Algeria, and Sri Lanka. She completed the DELTA and CELTA - YL Extension courses and is a qualified CELTA and CertPT tutor as well as a DELTA Module 2 Local Tutor.


In the last few years, she has specialised in materials development, preparing content for online and face-to-face training courses. She is also a registered examiner with different UK examining bodies.

After working in Science and Advertising, Cherie found her calling as a teacher at the British Council when she completed the CELTA in 2010. She has experience teaching adults, corporate professionals, and young learners. She added TYLEC (2013) and DELTA (2016) to her credentials and has since specialised in teaching Primary and Early Years students.


She is passionate about training teachers and has designed and delivered teacher training courses across Sri Lanka over the years. She is an approved CertTESOL, CertPT, and TYLEC tutor. She is also a DELTA Module 2 Local Tutor. Cherie has made it her life's mission to share her knowledge and years of experience in teaching, to train and inspire the next generation of teachers in Sri Lanka and around the world.

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Cherie Umagiliya