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Trinity Cert TESOL Application Form
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Please answer the following questions on language awareness, if you don't know the answer, enter 'don't know' as all fields must be filled.

1. Using appropriate terminology, identify the type of word/phrase below, and state the grammatical difference between them.

e.g. tall/short = opposite adjectives, apple/apples = singular noun/plural noun

2. Identify the parts of speech in the following sentence:

A lot of people like to swim, but I prefer running. It's more relaxing, and I don't mind doing it in any weather.

3. Identify the tenses used in the following sentences, and briefly say why they are used in these examples:

4. Write the following words in the appropriate column according to the types of vowel sound they contain

read   write   speak   hear   book   pen   bag   shoes   boy   girl   sit   seat

5. Identify the mistakes in the following sentences and using grammatical terminology, give a brief explanation of the error.

6. What is the difference in meaning between the underlined words in the following sentences?

I can't swim very well.

    You can't smoke here.

I like coffee.

    I'd like coffee.

He was listening to a record.

    He likes to record his own music.

7. How would you introduce the following group of words to a class of students for the first time?

Please check your answers before you submit your form.

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