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Trinity Cert TESOL
Course fee : £1250 
Course dates

What is the Trinity CertTESOL?

The Trinity CertTESOL is an Ofqual regulated qualification listed at Level 5 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). It is a graduate certificate equivalent to the second year of a Bachelors degree. It is a benchmark qualification in the TESOL industry and is accepted by education authorities, immigration departments and visa offices worldwide.

Studying the Trinity CertTESOL with Language Point

Our 12-week CertTESOL course is delivered entirely online. The course can be studied from wherever you are in the world. ​At every stage of the course you will be given support and online feedback on your work, as well as regular live online tutorials with a course tutor to help you work through the course to the best of your ability. ​ Teaching Practice is 4 weeks in duration, and you have the choice of teaching on-site (if you are already working in a school or centre), or delivering classes through an online platform with our Teaching Practice students. The final assessment interview is externally moderated by Trinity College London. The moderation interview is held online at the end of the course.

Application Requirements & Course Admission

To be eligible for the Trinity CertTESOL, you must have an advanced proficiency in English (for reference this is CEFR C1/IELTS 7). Applicants' suitability for the course is assessed during the admissions process. You must also hold university entrance level academic qualifications e.g. A-levels/SAT or equivalent). These details will be confirmed at interview, and Language Point Teacher Education reserve the right to refuse admission to the course based on performance during the admissions interview. How to apply - applications for the course should be made through the online application form. You can find this on the menu or use the 'Apply Now' button at the bottom of the page. After we recieve your application, you will be invited to an admissions interview and asked to complete a short written task. Once you are accepted onto the course full payment is required to confirm your enrollment. After full payment and enrollment confirmation - please note, you must also provide scanned copies of an ID document, an up to date CV and highest academic qualification - you will be sent a Pre-Course Pack to prepare for the start of the course.

Study time requirements

The Language Point CertTESOL course is delivered through a combination of self-timed study, weekly group tutorials and individual tutorials. The total study time of the course is 130 hours. You should spend between 10-15 hours per week on the videos, tasks, tutorials and self-study to complete all course modules successfully. There are timetabled sessions which are confirmed in Week 1 of the course, and are arranged according to trainer and trainee availability. If any session content is missed, recordings of all live sessions are shared with trainees so that they can catch up and ask questions with their tutor.

Are there timetabled hours I must attend?

Timetabled sessions are held every week. These are arranged in Week 1 according to trainee and trainer availability as follows: Weeks 1 - 5 - One 60 minute group tutorial Total timetabled sessions: 60 minutes Weeks 6 - One 60 minute group tutorial One 30 minute individual tutorial for feedback on draft assignment work Total timetabled sessions: 90 minutes (one and a half hours) Week 7 - One 60 minute group tutorial One 30 minute individual tutorial for feedback on draft assignment work Four 60 minute Unknown Language lessons + 15 minute reflection per lesson Total timetabled sessions: Six and a half hours Week 8 - One 60 minute group tutorial Total timetabled sessions: 60 minutes Week 9: One 60 minute group lesson planning tutorial One 60 minute teaching practice lesson One 60 minute group feedback tutorial Total timetabled sesions: Three hours Week 10: One 60 minute group tutorial Two 60 minute group lesson planning tutorial Two 60 minute teaching practice lessons Two 60 minute group feedback tutorials Total timetabled sessions: Seven hours Week 11: Two 60 minute group lesson planning tutorials Two 60 minute teaching practice lessons Two 60 minute group feedback tutorials Total timetabled sessions: Six hours Week 12: One 60 minute group lesson planning tutorial One 60 minute teaching practice lesson One 60 minute group feedback tutorial One 60 minute Materials Assignment interview practice session Total timetabled sessions: Four hours Moderation Day: to be scheduled at the end of the course 40 minute group Moderation meeting 10 minute individual Moderation interview

Course Content

Week 1: Course Introduction

Meet the trainers  Induction to the online platform Advice for success on the course How to approach course assignments

Weeks 2-3: Language Awareness

Word class Morphology and syntax Grammatical structures and functions Vocabulary and lexical theories Teaching language skills Phonology and pronunciation theory

Weeks 4-5: TESOL Approaches and methods

Language teaching and learning theory  Approaches to grammar  Vocabulary and pronunciation teaching Lesson structures and outcomes-oriented instruction TESOL methodologies and techniques

Week 6: TESOL Guided Observation

Assignment guidance for completion of Module 3 assessment 4 hours of video observation of experienced TESOL teachers      Feedback tutorials and assignment guidance Assessment: The Guided Observation Journal, a reflective evaluation of 4 hours of observation of TESOL teachers (2500 words approx.)

Weeks 7-8 Learners and learning

Assignment guidance for the Learner Profile and Unknown Language Journal assignments ESOL learners, their needs and preferences An outline of common TESOL settings Assessment Week 7: The Unknown Language Journal, a record of 4 hours spent as a learner in beginner-level lessons held in a language that is completely unfamiliar to you (2500 words) Assessment Week 8: The Learner Profile, a full background, needs analysis, language analysis and design of a recommended course of study for a learner of English (3000 words)

Weeks 9-10 Teaching Practice A

Lesson planning and delivery routines Supervised lesson planning tutorials 3 hours of live classroom teaching, observed via video Post-lesson reflection tutorials with your peers from the course Assessment: Teaching Practice Portfolio entries 1-3: A record of the first 3 hours of your observed classroom teaching, including lesson plans, materials and post-lesson reflections for each TP lesson

Weeks 11-12 Teaching Practice B/Materials Assignment

Supervised lesson planning tutorials 3 hours of observed teaching practice lessons Post-lesson reflection tutorials Materials design, task design and delivery Guidance on how to complete the Materials Assignment (500 words) ​ Assessment: 1) the Materials Assignment practice interview and feedback (30 minutes)  2) Teaching Practice Portfolio entries 4-6 3) Language Awareness / methodology exam (1.5 hours)

Week 12 Moderation

External Moderation with a Trinity College London Moderator Live group interview (40 mins) Live Materials Assignment interviews (10 minutes per trainee)

Can I use Generative AI on the CertTESOL?

No. Language Point Teacher Education has a strict no AI policy. Course assessments are designed to contain high levels of critical, analytical and reflective thought, with a focus on specific teaching settings. We use an array of AI content detectors. We do this to ensure that our trainees are able to develop the range of thinking and application skills that are required for success on the course and in the classroom. You will be asked to complete an assessment security statement declaring that all work you submit is your own. If you are found to have used AI or other methods which go against Trinity College's assessment standards you may not be permitted to pass the course.

Methods of payment accepted

 Bank transfer or credit/debit card.


Further questions or enquiries


 If you have further questions about the structure, content or organisation of the course, feel free to contact us

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