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The Trinity CertPT: for international school and EMI teachers

Langauge Point Trinity CertPT for international school and EMI teachers

If you teach in an international school, or in an institution where many of your students do not speak English as a first language, or if you are working in English as the medium of instruction (EMI), it can feel like you are being asked to deal with a lot of different learner issues. As a subject teacher, you not only have to ensure that students are progressing in their maths, history or science study, but you will also have to ensure that their language skills are strong enough to deal with the vocabulary, grammar and other language which comes along with the content that you teach.

If you have worked as an English Language teacher, or if you hold a certificate in English language Teaching, you will know that working with students in a different language is a challenge. The requirements of a subject-specific qualification such as an iGCSE, A-level, IB or BAC on top of that can be an extra challenge that requires special skills in a teacher.

In addition to the above, every educational setting has different requirements, expectations and directions for students, so apart from the in-service training and CPD provided by a specific school, the opportunities for development can feel limited. The Trinity College Certificate for Practising Teachers (CertPT) aims to address the combined needs of teachers and their specific learner groups, taking into consideration language, content and the wider curricular and assessment requirements in the school where participant teachers work.

The CertPT qualification takes you, the teacher, your specific setting and the language and content needs of your students as the starting point for development. We know that you know your students better than any teacher trainer or education expert, so it makes sense that you should be the one to define the ways in which you need to work with your students more effectively. In addition, our online-only course means that you don’t have to attend scheduled sessions that will eat into your day. We know you are busy, so we timetable the course around your availability.

Course content includes training on how to evaluate and adapt the existing materials that you use for the greatest benefit to your students, how to create effective self-designed materials based on the curriculum you teach to, and reflection on your use of these materials in the classroom. The focus is on materials design and delivery, and you will get the chance to research methodological and resource-based solutions which can be catered to the needs of your second-language English learners, whatever subject you teach.

For more information about the CertPT courses that Language Point offers, see our course pages at, or contact us for more information and group rates.

Tom Garside is Director of Language Point Teacher Education. Language Point delivers the internationally recognised RQF level 5 Trinity CertTESOL in a totally online mode of study, and the RQF level 6 Trinity College Certificate for Practising Teachers, a contextually-informed teacher development qualification with specific courses which focus on online language education or online methodology.

If you are interested to know more about these qualifications, or you want take your teaching to a new level with our teacher education courses, contact us or visit our CertTESOL FAQ and CertPT FAQ pages for details.



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