• Luke MacGregor

From the UK to Hong Kong - What the Language Point Trinity CertTESOL has done for me

When my work as a photographer dried up during the pandemic, in 2021, I took the opportunity to complete the Trinity CertTESOL with Language Point Training.

After completing the course I volunteered with a charity teaching English to refugees. They were mainly in their late teens and twenties from Afghanistan, East Africa and Iran with very little English ability. The lessons were completed online. There was no specific course, as each individual had very different learning needs. So I had to adapt and create lessons from scratch to best assist them. I also started teaching occasionally at a nearby language school.

This year I relocated to Hong Kong, where I have secured a job at a local primary school as a Native speaking English Teacher (NET). Whilst I was a little apprehensive teaching younger children, the job has been a lot of fun and very rewarding. I work with two other NETs in a school of about 600 pupils.

Language Point and the Trinity CertTESOL have provided the tools and the foundation from which to start my teaching journey. Everyday is literally and metaphorically ‘a school day’, I am continually learning from my colleagues (and my mistakes) to keep improving my lessons and my teaching. I am very grateful to Tom and the Language Point team for equipping me so well before I set off on this journey.


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