• Rosaria Gara

Graduate Stories - Rosaria

Course: Trinity Cert TESOL

I decided to start the Trinity CertTESOL course, after realising that my destiny is not to stay here where I am, but to travel around and see new places. Even though I have an English Language degree, I felt that this wasn't simply enough to start a career in teaching, and I was right. The course opened a new eye on what's behind the scenes of an ESL class.

During the lessons, the focus is not on the teacher, while students stay quiet and the teacher does all the talking, it's the opposite! During the course, I've learned how to plan a lesson, and that was something completely new to me not only because I had no previous teaching experience, but also because in my home country lesson delivery is the opposite.

The course tutor was supportive from start to end, giving great support and helpful feedback when we were in the middle of challenging tasks.

The weekly breakdown of the course, really made it easy to follow tasks and assignments step by step, and prepared me to what was next.

The course exceeded my expectations, and I've gained valuable experience from it, I would recommend it to anyone that wants to proceed towards an ESL career and in the end, you will see that the experience and knowledge gained from it, will be beneficial even when it comes to teaching subjects other than English.

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